Anyone who has heard HEYZ has never experienced his sound like this before. The producer’s brand new self-released single “Darkest Little Friend” marks an exciting progression and a notable shift in his musical vision that needs to be heard.

HEYZ extends his abilities with this production for a multidimensional effect. The song fuses bold, electronic elements with dark, 80s inspired style, and much indie appeal. Resonating vocals from Chris James of darkDARK guide the track into a realm all its own.

With this, HEYZ takes a step back from his “pure techno” vibe to show us a different side of his artistry, a side he’s been itching to share with the world. The essence of this release is best explained by HEYZ himself…

“After reflecting on my first year of HEYZ, I wanted to step in a new direction with my sound and really put forth records that utilize my full capabilities as a musician, songwriter, and producer. I grew up with a natural ability to play instruments without training and write poetry at a high level. It was refreshing to step away from a ‘pure techno’ sound, pick up my guitar, and write lyrics to create ‘Darkest Little Friend’ — a record I’m really proud of.”

Allow “Darkest Little Friend” to guide your own path to self discovery. Or, simply enjoy the music.

HEYZ – Darkest Little Friend