It’s been three years since the world received a solo original song from Nero, but today, of all places, we’re getting a new song “Lullaby” out on Astralwerks’ and Ninja’s collaborative project, Ninjawerks.

If you’ve been to a Nero show in at least the past two years, you might recognize the song – the drop is certainly distinct enough. In usual Nero fashion, the song is dark and bass-heavy; it also has some interesting tempo choices.

The slow tempo in the drop suggests dubstep, but the synth structure is so metallic – a sound we’re not exactly used to in dubstep – that it’s throwing me for a loop. Not to mention the drum fills in the moments preceding the drops suggest a higher tempo, as does the tempo of the lead synth in the drop. Maybe we’ll get some VIP in the future, or someone will remix it for drum & bass soon, who knows?

For now, you can listen to Nero’s new song “Lullaby” below. Set for release on December 14, Ninjawerks Volume 1 will be available in digital, CD and vinyl formats. Pre-order the digital album here.