The German creative artist and producer JAIME has kindly taken some time to chat to us this week, and we are still hitting play on his most recent production ‘Everything 100.’ Here he talks to us about the single, and everything else he has in the pipeline.

Hey JAIME, thanks for taking the time to speak to us! If you had to describe your musical style for someone who hadn’t heard your stuff before, how would you sum it up?

Hey guys! Yeahhh, thanks for having me. I think the easiest way to describe what I´m doing is not to try to put the project into a concrete genre. Of course one tune is clearly future bass or trap and the next is more rap but sometimes I’m totally freaking out and it’s getting more like an indie/alternative feeling with trappy bass lines and some really experimental stops and fills.  I decided that the very wide-ranging definition “urban sound” would fit perfectly for all the creative brain waves that represent JAIME.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned since you started making music?

First of all, never try to be somebody else. In this current time it’s nearly impossible to create art without being influenced by other artists, or without knowing an A&R manager or having some money issues. Of course I’ve got my idols and anyone who’s listening carefully will find that out, but I think what gives JAIME this special and arty colour is this childish impulse to play with the sound in a really extreme way. So in every JAIME track you’ll find something really new that sticks out to you, of course only if you can handle this arty facet. I was never the “go with the flow” dude. I always had my own ideas on how something has to be or to sound. To create this I don’t need the big money or a super clever A&R manager. I only need my brain, some creative buddies, a mate to create and check the promotion plans, this “crazy freak” attitude and my “I am what I am” feeling…

By the way, I’ve cooked a wonderful song on this topic together with ma dawg Kemelion. We will drop this one after Christmas 😉

Secondly,  give every creative process the time it needs. From creating a drum groove to writing a full album. Good things take time to grow. Don’t reap the tomatoes when they’re green… And of course never forget to take some snacks and drinks from backstage when you’re leaving cause you’ll miss these things the next day…

Where did it start for you? Do you remember what first got you into wanting to create music?

I was maybe four or five years old and my mum bought me this brand new Bryan Adams album 😀 I think these tunes inspired me in a special way. When you’re four you haven´t heard many songs…  So this energy created by the drums and e-gits was mind blowing. A few days ago I built two wooden fake guitars with my dad and felt like the biggest rock star. Since this day I knew that I wanted to become a musician! And I’m glad that the child in me said. “This is your job mate!”

Who or what are you currently really into, music-wise?

Ahhh… I’m listening to Post Malone’s Stoney LP at this very moment. It’s great! Also Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld.’ Everything from Kendrick Lamar, Kaytranada, Anderson Paak and Flume. The Jack Ü collaboration stuff from Diplo and Skrillex… But also the new Eels LP. Or Alt J, Bon Iver and Nick Cave. And when it’s getting rough, Everytime I Die, Architects or… of course Crobot! I think every musician should check out these guys… only freaks!

Your new single ‘Everything 100’ is out now. It’s a wicked track! How long did it take to produce?

Yeah, wicked! Think it took me maybe three weeks for all the recordings with ma bro Baumi: the beat production, the recording with Bdotissa and the mix. But the whole process started one year ago and flowed through ten months.

What was the idea behind the tune?

The first idea was really simple… I wanted a really bad ass rap track. And behind this idea there were maybe thirty more ideas… very complex and strange but they made the track ‘Everything 100.’

Did you enjoy working with Bdotissa on it?

Yes, very much. This guy is a genius rapper and a wonderful person! Every time he drops into my little studio in the alps he brings his bros with him. And I’ve always had a great time with Bdotissa, Yordi, Cago etc. Sometimes with snuff and beer massacre and sometimes without.

Your album is on the way. Are you proud of how it’s turned out?

Yessss, it’s on the way! And it’s really exciting because it is almost finished but the last twenty percent is missing and everyday I’m creating another little piece of the big puzzle. Love this process! All the creative works, doing music, video scripting, shooting etc…

What’s next for JAIME?

I decided that there is some space for another single before Christmas! I worked on the final mix for almost three days, thought the song is nearly ready but it wasn’t! I finished this one half an hour ago and it’s siiiiiiiiiiick! Then I’m planning a tour with my team for 2019 and then the album! And then the next single…