As the year comes to a close, we often reflect and look back on what’s happened over the past 12 months. This is not the case for legendary producer/DJ Paul van Dyk, who relentlessly pushes forward. Paul recently capped off a busy year with the release of Music Rescues Me, his ninth full-length album, earlier this month. The title track was the lead single back in September, and now, the full 14-track LP is available on Paul’s Vandit Records. The album features tracks with many of Paul’s frequent collaborators including Jordan Suckley, Saad Ayub, Delta One and Project 8 among others.

The album follows Paul’s previous album From Then On, which was released in September 2017. While many artists in the dance music world have an impressive output, putting out two albums in a 14 month span is pretty much unheard of, but there are few producers who can match the prestige and precision of the trance forefather. 2018 also saw Paul make appearances at EDC Las Vegas, Dreamstate Southern California, Creamfields, and the World Cup in Russia. Paul also successfully launched his new Shine residency at Privilege in Ibiza, which will be returning in 2019. We got the chance to chat with Paul about the new album, his Ibiza residency, his take on the creative process, and his advice for other artists.

Hello Paul, it’s been quite a year for you. First things first, tell us a little about the new album Music Rescues Me? What was the process like? How long did it take you? What was the vision of the record?

“Making music is part of my everyday life, so basically the ‘Music Rescues Me’ album process started when my previous album, ‘From Then On,’ was finished. My approach to music is very straight forward, no compromises. That is the only way for me to stay authentic and real as an artist.”

With the release of your ninth album and a heavy touring schedule this year, how does 2018 stack up compared to the rest of your illustrious career?

“It has been a very exciting year with a new Ibiza residency at Shine and amazing shows all over the world at some of the most amazing festivals and clubs.”

What’s your take on the state of trance and dance music in general? Are there any producers you’re really fond of or any artists you see on the come up?

“To me there is no ‘state of this or that.’ Art and music is an ongoing process of creativity and especially in trance you will find amazing talents and artists who push the boundaries every day. Someone like Jordan Suckley for example, he’s always amazing me through his performances and releases.”

You really got out and toured a lot this year, what’s your routine like on the road and how do you stay focused?

“Well, there have been busier years. Apparently because of the long lasting impacts of the accident that I had in February 2016, I am only able to do about 50% of what I was able to do before. But I still give everything I have when I’m on stage. That said, my routine is basically trying to get as much rest before and after a show and to live as healthy as possible.”

As someone who’s been so successful in the industry for so long, what’s your advice to other people in the industry on how to succeed?

“Be authentic, be real. Otherwise you will drown in the soup of marketing driven plastic projects. It’s important to know why you are doing what you are doing.”

The holidays are here! Do you have any special plans for Christmas and New Year’s?

“We will spend Christmas with family, since they all live in different parts of the world it will include a bit of travel this year.”

What’s going to be your focus going forward into 2019? What can the fans expect from you?

“I will continue to make music and I am looking forward to another season of Shine Ibiza in 2019.”

Finally, Paul had this take on the new album and how he hopes people receive it.

“My greatest aspiration for this release is that people – either now, or in years to come – listening to ‘Music Rescues Me’ will find that one of its tracks elevates, alleviates, opens them up, or takes them out of themselves.”

Paul van Dyk’s newest album Music Rescues Me is out now on Vandit Records.