The Netherlands has a huge new techno venue known as the Music Dome. By the numbers — there are three floors, up to 4,000 person capacity, and at least six events planned for 2019.

It gets even more interesting — the venue is located underneath the Parkstad Limburg Stadion, the home field for football club Roda JC Kerkrade. The location is about more than just sports now.

Several techno concepts will be brought to the unique location this upcoming year, and there are plans in the works for a summer music festival. The main floor, which holds approximately 2,500 people, has more than enough space to accommodate in itself.

Roughly translated, the official Music Dome website boasts — “The power of this space lies in the presence of technologically advanced, modular elements that stimulate your senses.” In other words, it has a booming sound system ideal for dance music.

It appears, though, that the Music Dome has already been hosting a variety of events this year. Although, it’s about to switch gears and go techno. Check out the upcoming Music Dome events, including the Amelie Lens × Labyrinth Club takeover, right here.


Source: Release Mag | Photo: Music Dome