Rick and Morty have gone EDM with their new teaser, which has us incredibly hyped to see what adventures lie ahead for our favorite multiverse explorers. Oh, how we’ve missed them.

In just 15 seconds, the cult Adult Swim show has reeled back in its massive audience. There’s a lot of crossover between electronic music fans and Rick and Morty fans, so we have to say this teaser is quite smart on their part. But, the entire series centers around lightyears of intelligence, so it’s not surprising.

“Keep your enemies close and your portal gun closer,” they share along with the video below. Foreshadowing much?

With this being the first time we’ve heard directly from Rick and Morty in a while, we have to believe season 4 is in our very near future. Many believe the new season could arrive as soon as this Christmas. Yes, please.

Rick and Morty Portal Gun Teaser