Canada’s legalization of marijuana earlier this year was great news in the fight for new legislation of cannabis worldwide. To jungle and drum and bass label M Ocean, this seems like a great time to release a remix EP of Dubzee’s instant classic, “Everybody Smoke” featuring¬† Demolition Man and Trinity Chris.

The original of “Everybody Smoke” is highly remixable because combines reggae/ragga rhythms with a steppy kick/snare beat. On this EP there are four remixes: a jungle remix and a dancehall version by Danny Styles, a halftime remix by Trimer and another DnB/ jungle hybrid by D-Region & Code.

The D-Region & Code mix seemed especially premierable given the celebration this EP is marking due to D-Region’s being Canadian. This remix is probably the closest to the original in terms of structure but with a little techstep or neurofunk flare. some techy synths and phrase transitions are added to a beat that’s somehow even more steppy and snaresy than the original while the lyrics are cut up and turned into samples for the breaks. The duo doesn’t do anything to take away from Demolition Man and Trinity Chris’s vocals, however, leaving the verses in tact while the beat and synths wind around them. It’s an excellent combination piece, bringing in the best of jungle and several sub genres of DnB but not making it overwhelming.

No matter which remix you pick, this commemorative EP is a fun and danceable way to celebrate the ongoing advancement of the marijuana cause. It’s just a matter of whether you’re feeling jungle, sick halftime, dancehall or D&B vibes. Everybody can smoke to “Everybody Smoke.”

The “Everybody Smoke” remix EP drops tomorrow, December 21 on M Ocean Records. Click here to purchase on Bandcamp.