One last gift before the year is over… Illenium celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday, and told fans to expect one last free gift today. While we conjectured it would be the Illenium x Slander collaboration, the reality is just as sweet.

Uploaded on Trap Nation, Illenium shares a compilation of all his 2018 live edits. These are the moments in his live shows you’ve probably been most excited about, as well as disappointed. After all, live edits are live… they rarely if ever see an actual release.

With this new compilation and free download, fans can listen to them any time they want. Talk about a special gift! Click here to find the download in both MP3 and WAV formats. Listen below!

2018 Unreleased Illenium Edits Tracklist

  1. 2017 Intro (1:00-3:10)
    2. 2018 Awake 1.0 Finale (3:10-4:59)
    3. Lost, Disarm You, Chosen You (Illenium Trap Edit) (4:59-7:16)
    4. Say It (Illenium VIP edit) (7:16-11:58)
    5. Needed You/Silence (Illenium Edit) (11:58-14:01)
    6. Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure (Illenium Remix) (14:01-17:27)
    7. Take You Down/Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Edit) (17:27-19:20)
    8. Crawl Outta Love Intro/VIP Edit (19:20-22:54)
    9. Where’d U Go (Fort Minor X Illenium Mashup) (22:54-25:44)
    10. Awake 2.0 Intro (Gold) (25:44-28:38)