Back in August, Eric Clapton revealed he was working on an EDM-inspired version of “Jingle Bells” to be released — and it would be dedicated to the late Avicii.

Flash-forward to now and ’tis the season for holiday music. Clapton’s full-length album Happy Xmas has arrived along with his take on “Jingle Bells” and it’s an interesting track to say the least. There are clear builds and releases that resemble EDM structure, but with the rockstar’s signature guitar and other instrumentals, it sounds more fit for a jam band.

According to Billboard, the track was originally titled “Jingle Bells (In Memory Of Avicii).” It seems he dropped part of the title to go the more traditional route.¬†Either way, Clapton is showing his appreciation for the genre and it’s awesome to hear.

Listen below and let us know what you think!

Eric Clapton – “Jingle Bells”


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