Following the crackdown on nightlife across his country, What So Not just threw a run of free shows for fans in Australia.

During the series of events he’s calling the “Perfect Storm,” the worldwide DJ/producer experienced some of the most lively and intimate shows of his career. Of course, this all went down in his homeland which makes the entire experience even more special.

“AUSTRALIA, I have a proposition for you,” he previously shared on social media. “Lockouts sent our night culture broke, so, I would like to do a free show for somebody this weekend. Pref in Sydney, but TBH these issues have affected the whole country so I’m open to driving/flying where ever looks exciting.”

In a new trailer for “Perfect Storm,” What So Not sets the scene for these fan-thrown events. He actually hit up 7 house parties in a single night — and this is the result. Stay tuned for more.

What So Not – Perfect Storm Trailer

What So Not – Perfect Storm Trailer

World Bar closing was the last straw for me. I found myself wondering what would be left to do when I finally came home & needed to take action. I went into this with little expectation & ended up in what felt like a movie. The simple offering to play someone’s house party resulted in thousands of requests & the birth of an ambitious plan: Seven house parties in one night in the city that started everything.So proud to see my country keeping the vibe alive, even if all that’s left is some CDJ’s in a backyard shed. Can’t wait to share the rest of this story with you. It was honestly one of the most beautiful, wholesome & fun filled nights of my life.

Posted by What So Not on Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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