Ever since Dash Berlin broke up, we’ve been hearing much about Jeffrey Sutorius and not so much about the other members. Now, fans are getting the good news they’ve been waiting for — Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg will carry on the Dash Berlin torch.

The duo has stayed relatively quiet amidst the separation, but now we know the two continuing members have been busy working on new music. The greatest hint we have thus far comes in the form of the following tweet:

After experiencing a nasty falling out with fellow bandmates of Dash Berlin, Sutorius didn’t skip a beat jumping onto his own path. His solo career seems to be off to a great start as he also sets his focus on making new music, and he’ll make his solo west coast debut on New Year’s Eve at Los Angeles club Exchange LA.

“I want to achieve things as Jeffrey Sutorius that Dash Berlin never accomplished,” he previously remarked. “The world is my oyster. And I like oysters! I am making new music, and I am beyond thrilled to share this with the world, with the fans. To tell my story and to share it. And to make everyone understand, I am EDM: Emotional Dance Music.”

What’s Dash Berlin like without Jeffrey Sutorius? We’ll have to wait and see.