Elohim teamed up with Skrillex on “Connect” in November 2018, and the two have finally released the follow-up, “Buckets.” Whereas “Connect” was a dreamy and sultry singer/songwriter tune with delightful electronic embellishments, “Buckets” is a bombastic and downright dirty track that is pure juxtaposition to its predecessor.

The song starts off softly enough, but the bassline lurking beneath the surface definitely suggests something darker on the horizon. Sure enough, harsh synth punctuate the serenity and Elohim unleashes her ferocious energy. The whole track is a play on juxtaposing soft and hard energies, going back and forth, creating an immediately immersive atmosphere.

In the scope of Elohim’s live show, this track would undoubtedly draw a huge reaction.

Check out “Buckets” by Elohim, co-produced by Skrillex, out now!


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Life Is Beautiful