It was a quiet 2018 for duo Grey. Aside from releasing the massive hit “The Middle” with Zedd and Maren Morris, the two spent the rest of the year in the studio. Perfecting their craft and coming up with new songs, 2019 is the year that Grey releases a lot of new music.

Grey are back with their newest song, “Want You Back” featuring Swedish pop singer Léon. It’s also their first single after signing with Island Records.

Grey have perfected the pop EDM sound after working together with Zedd on countless singles and also putting in the work themselves this past year. “Want You Back” is a breezy, simple tune that’s fun and easy to listen to. But don’t confuse simple for low quality, this is the same Grey that made us fall in love with them when they first started.

Check out “Want You Back” below and get ready for even more new Grey music in 2019!