One of many highlights from Above & Beyond‘s iconic ABGT300 set, “Flying By Candlelight” ft. Marty Longstaff, just released.

“Flying By Candlelight” is a massive production with rave-worthy synths, lingering vocals, and a progressive soundscape that lead into an entrancing realm only A&B could create. It finishes off with a drop so amazing, it will burn in your mind long after you’ve heard it.

Not only do we get the original version, but Above & Beyond are spoiling us with the official club mix and extended club mix all in one sweep. So, there are three ways to experience the brand new single.

“‘Flying By Candlelight’ is a love song about a saviour who rescues our protagonist from a dark, lonely place, taking him through a spectacular night sky,” A&B share. “A bit like The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, but a bit longer lasting!”

This new single is just the beginning. Above & Beyond just revealed they have, “Plenty of new music incoming over the next few months.” Get ready.

Above & Beyond – Flying By Candlelight


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