Matroda has delivered on a savage new bass house production that dares to be different.

The unpredictable nature of “They Call Me” thrills by design, with high-octane rhythm, dirty bass, and screaming synths processed with much distortion. The result sounds, well, like Matroda — but none of his work thus far quite touches the kind of intensity heard with this new single.

“I don’t want to follow any rules,” he shares in an exclusive statement. “I always want to create something new. It’s all about art and being different.”

This track is the first of many bangers off Matroda’s forthcoming double sided mixtape, The Red Tape. At this pace, the producer is set to break the mold with his release.

Speaking on the new single he says, “‘They Call Me’ is one of those songs where there was no limitation on what I can and can’t do. Pure freedom. 100% Matrodasound.”

It’s easy to hear exactly what he’s talking about. Just listen.

Matroda – “They Call Me”