It’s a Gangsta Party and we’re all invited. Dr. Fresch and BIJOU have teamed up to bring us quality g-house in the form of a riveting, 2-track EP that perfectly combines their talents.

Both Dr. Fresch and BIJOU have paved their own lanes in music, but have instinctively crossed paths when it comes to taste and style. An EP like this is the undeniable next step as these artists flare up in the scene. Fresch’s heart-pounding basslines matched with BIJOU’s addictive hooks are a match made in g-house heaven, as heard with “Kung Fu” and “Too Cocky.”

Each producer has provided a statement to accompany the release:

Tony and I have had a very close friendship for the past few years so this EP has been a long time coming. The goal for us was to really show everyone where we want to take G-House now and into the future. Both records are forward thinking and have had a tremendous impact during our live sets. I’m extremely proud to release these with such a good friend for the launch of my new imprint Do Not Duplicate Recordings. This EP will be a staple for the label and one that I will never forget.” -BIJOU

“The Gangsta Party EP is as much of a statement about G-House in 2019 as it is a comprehensive look at our design of the genre since 2013. Ben and I have been two of the key architects in the American G-House sound this decade and this EP represents that journey. “Gangsta Party” is also a huge landmark in our friendship – we’ve both helped each other grow so much as producers and individuals since we met in person five years ago, I can’t wait to share this epic EP with the world!” -Dr. Fresch

Listen here!

Dr. Fresch x BIJOU – Gangsta Party