In a new, revealing interview with Forbes, deadmau5 gives a much needed update on his life — film scoring, getting married, quitting social media and much more. The producer has been relatively elusive lately, so it’s awesome to get some perspective on where he’s been and where he’s at now.

deadmau5’s “Who I Am” list runs deep, highlighting nine defining moments. From musical influences like Nine Inch Nails, to seeing KISS live in concert, through finding his own musical identity, his Where’s The Drop orchestral project, and up to his recent film score for the Netflix-produced Polar. He also weighs in on his personal life, noting his decision to log off socials, and what married life is like. Plus, he describes his journey in the world of professional E-Sports.

Here are a few excerpts via Forbes — be sure to read the entire article here for a more in-depth snapshot.

deadmau5 – Who I Am

Nine Inch Nails, Downward Spiral (Age: Teens)
– I was like, “I want to make music like that, how do I learn?” That was the kind of kickoff for me.
– So maybe a co-collaboration where it’s me and them doing some film would be a dream project.

Getting Off Twitter And Facebook (Age: Thirties)
– I love it. These social platforms are for what purpose other than showing meals and look what I can do.
– You want to get a hold of me you can text me. My fans want to get a hold of me you know where to find me.

Professional E-Sports (Age: Thirties)
– The music making, the stage designing, everything, no matter how exciting and lucrative it is, still becomes monotonous.
– Sometimes I have to break up these periods of non-stop working to gaming.

Getting Married (Age: Thirties)
– Being married has been cool. Now I’m not eyeballing the front row anymore (laughs).
– It’s great. I found a chick I love and she loves me. She takes care of me. She’s the best. She’s not into electronic music, which is great, and she doesn’t sing, which is amazing!

Where’s The Drop (Age: Thirties)
– Scoring a legit symphony was insane.

Polar (Age: Thirties)
– I see a lot more things coming from Netflix than I do from Hollywood in general.
– I think the stars lined up right for this particular picture.


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