The newest piece from Junge Junge is a special one. Known for their stirring, viral singles like ‘Beautiful Girl’ and ‘Run Run Run,’ there is something effortlessly catchy about the pair’s music. For ‘Wicked Hearts’ they have worked with British artist Jamie Hartman, who co-wrote Rag N Bones’ ‘Human.’

It’s an expressive, vocal-driven listen. From its opening whistle to the wonderful mesh of guitar flicks and rich top-line, ‘Wicked Hearts’ will engage you fully. Behind the sometimes dark lyrics, there is underlying optimism.

This release opens with a distinctive whistle that draws you in, softly flickering vocals move over its guitar-edged melody and lightly padding beat. The lyrics here are tinged with a powerful sense of longing: “Out the darkness / Out the pain / We come soaring back again,” but there is underlying optimism.

Understated but oh so good, this release can be checked in our premiere below.