In the past when we’ve written about Alexa Lusader, she’s been a featured singer on some other person’s track. But Lusader’s own solo work is exceptional and beautifully introspective; in 2018, she began releasing as Love, Alexa with her Dear You.. EP. Now, she’s back with her first song of 2019, “#107 Feel Something.”

The song touches on escapism and loneliness, and the inability of drugs or alcohol to cure those feelings — at least more than temporarily. It’s a song that, I feel, a lot of people can relate to at any point in their life. Beyond the production and Lusader’s own talent as a singer, it’s really the lyrics that truly made me fall in love with this song.

“#107 Feel Something” was produced and co-written by Alexa’s good friend Jonah Wei Haas. Listen below!

If you’re in Los Angeles, this Wednesday, you can catch Alexa performing at The Standard.