Knife Party just hosted their first Knifecast of 2019 — and with that, duo revealed some important info about the current state of their new music.

Last month, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen announced they were readying to release a new EP in addition to forthcoming “Pendulum stuff.” They said the world would soon hear from Knife Party “within three months.”

With the 11th episode of the Knifecast came an even more exciting update! The duo revealed the forthcoming Knife Party EP is completely finished and will be handed to the label by the end of the week. We heard it straight from the source.

They also confirmed they have lots of brand new Pendulum material ready to go, but are skeptical to play it live before it’s officially released. It’s reasonable to expect a full body of work from Pendulum at some point this year. Get ready.

Knife Party released their Trigger Warning EP in 2015, which birthed “PLUR Police” and more. We’re beyond excited to hear where their sound is at years later. For now, check out the latest episode of the Knifecast below.

Knife Party – Knifecast 011


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