deadmau5 is at it again with mau5ville: Level 3.

The mau5ville concept allows the producer to be whatever he wants in the moment. This time around, the mau5 dabbles with ambient and progressive creations, as well as glitchy and hip hop inspired productions. The result is an assortment of eclectic flavors perfect for vibing out to.

Of course, it wouldn’t be mau5ville if he didn’t bring some friends along. This new release features Shotty Horroh, Scene of Action, OFFAIAH, No Mana, C.O.Z¬†and more. If anyone has an ear for fresh talent, it’s deadmau5.

Expect anything but your typical mau5trap sound here. Level 3 of mau5ville is all about imagination and experimentation above all else. More than ever, friends of the label dare to be different with this release.

See what Level 3 is all about right here!

mau5ville: Level 3