Marshmello’s Fortnite concert, while initially viewed through a sort of “what is this” lens, ended up probably being the greatest brand cross-promotion of the year, and it’s only February. The concert drew a crowd of 10 million users, which set a record for most concurrent users on the platform in its history.

But beyond just the engagement within the game, Marshmello also saw an astronomical increase in impressions and engagement across all of his social media channels. YouTube in particular saw the largest rise of all.

“On February 3 (one day after the Fortnite concert) Marshmello gained 699k new subscribers (nearly a 1,800% increase from his previous daily gain of 37k),” writes Jose Arroyo. “He also amassed over 42.8M YouTube views, an increase of about 500% from his January average of 7.8 million views per day.”

In addition to the rise on YouTube, Marshmello gained over 147K new Twitter followers this past week, up more than 2,000% from the week before (6,800). His Twitter mentions also increased by more than 1,000% (from 4,800 to 57,500).

There’s no doubt that after seeing the success Marshmello’s concert brought to his brand overall that other artists will try to hop on the train, as well. However, it’s a lot easier for a DJ to play a set on a virtual platform than it would be for, say, a hip hop artist or an entire rock band.

The future of gaming and music together is bright.


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