Marshmello made a cameo during the Super Bowl. Not live, in the flesh, but over the speakers.

Leading out of a commercial break, his song “Happier” can be heard playing in the background (clip below). The collaboration with Bastille is truly one of the producer’s biggest hits yet, as it continues to infiltrate the mainstream.

Everyone has their own idea of their favorite Big Game moment — but for Mello Gang it’s this. Hearing his music play out during the Super Bowl goes to show the kind of star power Marshmello has.

For whatever reason, Twitter was also drawing comparisons between Mello’s Fortnite concert and the Halftime show with Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi. Some say the virtual performance had more “hype” and “energy” than the Super Bowl could provoke.

See below.

Marshmello Does Super Bowl


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