Porter Robinson is playing two Virtual Self shows in Los Angeles this week at the Shrine Auditorium, Thursday and Saturday, ahead of the GRAMMYs this Sunday. Both nights will sell around 10,000 tickets total, with 5,000 each night.

A third show has just been added, but it’s not at the Shrine. It’s at the small warehouse 1720 in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, and it only fits around 800 people — 700, if you want to be comfortable.

The show predictably sold out within moments of going on sale; or did it? Porter Robinson predicted that it would be hard to get tickets, so he bought 100 tickets himself before it sold out to just give away.

i knew this would be hard to get into so i bought 100 tickets before it sold out to make sure the people who actually love these sounds can go

please tag someone you know who would love to hear 3 hours of classic trance / hardtechno / jungle / hardcore / speedcore / virtual self

Respond to the tweet below for your chance to be one of the lucky 100 chosen!


Photo via Rukes.com