Virtual Self was just nominated for a GRAMMY this past weekend for his song “Ghost Voices.” Though he ended up losing the award to Diplo & Mark Ronson’s Silk City for their song “Electricity,” just the fact that his project was nominated is a sure sign that someone is paying attention.

Thanks to the nomination, the song has gained some new notoriety and popularity. And, though we’re not sure if it’s directly related to the GRAMMY nom (we think it probably is), Lane 8 just released a new official remix of the song.

Lane 8’s interpretation of “Ghost Voices” is miles apart from the original, but incredibly beautiful. Gone are most of the eccentricities that made the original sound like it had one foot in the past, and one foot in the future. Instead, a silky smooth melody beat radiates out and emits a sound that makes you feel warm and comforted. It’s the polar opposite of the ravey and frenetic original.

And while the first drop is beautiful already, the second only ups the ante.

Check out Lane 8’s remix of “Ghost Voices” by Virtual Self below.