Haywyre made a grand return in December last year with his Panorama: Discover EP. It was everything we knew and loved about Haywyre, but just… better. Now, fans get to experience the beginnings of the next entry in the Panorama anthology: Form.

The new single “Let Me Hear That” comes with a fresh performance video, showing Haywyre doing his thing on two keyboards and an Ableton Push 2. While Griz remains the de facto king of funk in the EDM world, Haywyre is definitely encroaching on the throne with gusto. I mean seriously, just listen to this!

Few artists in EDM today can pull off even close to what Haywyre is doing when it comes to instrumentation, execution, and production. He’s just on another level. Check out “Let Me Hear That” from Panorama: Form below, and catch Haywyre on his Discover Form tour! See dates here.