Ever been at a festival and think, “Man, I could use some chapstick right now?” Then, you walk over to the festival general store and see the absurd prices? Or worse, find all the chapstick is out of stock? If you’re going to Coachella this year, Amazon will help you solve this problem with one of its own Amazon Lockers.

Yep, an official Amazon Locker is coming to Coachella this year. Amazon will soon release a Coachella Collection line of items available purchase and pick-up at the locker. The collection will apparently include fashion accessories, technology items, camping gear and more. Plus, the locker has no extra cost, so it’d be just like using an Amazon Locker at home… except at one of the world’s greatest festivals.

While Amazon’s continual takeover of modern culture might incite fears of corporate totalitarianism, at least we’ve got convenience, right? Keep your eyes peeled for more details of the Amazon Locker at this year’s Coachella.


H/T: GeekWire | Cover Photo: Amazon