Despite Marshmello’s usual sugary productions, anyone who’s been to one of his live sets can tell you that the sweet treat tends to go pretty hard. His new collaboration with dirty dubstep don Svdden Death has been teased for the past two weeks, but it’s finally out now — “Sell Out.”

It’s no surprise the track title is a ploy to trigger some hardcore riddim bros, and we bet it’s worked. But the track itself is definitely an equal blend of their styles. The bridge and intro lean more toward Mello’s sweet and innocent, melodic style, while the drop is definitely a heavier riddim influence.

Svdden Death said, “To those saying that Marshmello didn’t put work into this song, I’m not the kind of musician that’s into one sided collabs. That’s why I work with with very few artists. This is what a Marshmello and svdden collab SHOULD sound like, and we matched in every aspect of the song.”

There’s no overarching melody to speak of — it is a riddim track, after all — so I don’t suspect this getting a lot of radio play. But there’s no doubt it goes hard in a live setting. Check out “Sell Out” below.