Riding the wave of his NOVA era and starting a new one with his label launch, it’s an exciting time to be RL Grime. So, what better time to host a live AMA on Reddit? That’s exactly what happened yesterday and there’s a lot of information to take in via the /r/trap thread.

RL Grime just pulled up with Sable Valley and the imprint’s first, stunning impression, “Arcus” with Graves. In the AMA, he reveals he has plenty more releases on deck, so get ready!

The next step involves signing and supporting the music that means the most to him. He’s taking submissions now and the AMA details what he’s looking for. Also, he explains what the Sable Valley acceptance letter really means.

RL Grime covers a lot of ground here, but the main takeaway is that he’s feeling better than ever about where he’s at with his project. He’s ready to push forward on his own terms. Read up below to get a better scope on his creative outlook.

RL Grime – /r/trap AMA

This is RL Grime. I just launched my new label Sable Valley. AMA from trap

One of the top questions came in from TYNVN:

What kind of music/vision are you and your team trying to cultivate for Sable Valley? How are you guys trying to stand apart from other “artist started/run” labels? What are some up and coming artists that you are excited for Also, thanks for letting me remix pressure! Seriously an honor man

My question is: I got an email saying I was ‘accepted’ into Sable Valley. Does this mean I’ll get to release with the label? Or is it going to be like some sort of producer group or something? (via MdCmndr)

In this day and age, what are your views on artists having production teams that they oversee to make a final product i.e bassnectar, excision, diplo, etc. Do you feel this takes away from the artist in any way or is this the reality of modern music where touring is much more lucrative than spending a bunch of time creating music. (via dj_smegma)

What’s your motivation in starting your own label? Are you looking to cultivate any particular styles of music, and are you planning on limiting it to electronic music or could we eventually see rappers and other types of performers on it? (via chewymammoth)

I think I speak for everyone here when I ask, will you ever release your collab with Mr. Carmack? Thanks for doing this AMA, very excited to see where Sable Valley goes! (via demuss)

How are you feeling about the RL Grime project? I know you started with Clockwork and then moved to RL Grime. Do you see another project in the future? And if so, what type of music do you think you would produce under the new alias? (via maxsolely)