San Holo‘s full length debut album1 was recently awarded a very high honor — an Edison Pop Award, the Dutch equivalent of a Grammy Award. It’s obviously a huge accomplishment for the producer and holds a huge significance for San Holo as an artist.

In a new post, he opens up about the big win in Edison’s dance category. He shouts out his team and everyone who has supported album1.

this goes out to everybody who didn’t believe in album1 🕊 s/o to my team, and everyone who supported this record! we did this 🙂 throughout your life you will always meet people trying to discourage you from what you wanna do. i still remember teachers saying that music is not really a career option, i remember label heads and a&rs trying to change my sound, i remember the “oh nice you make music but what is your real job,” i remember the shows years ago when people in the crowd asked me to play something ‘normal’. pave your own way fam and create forever! all love ❤️ #album1#edison @bitbird

It’s hard to fathom that he encountered a fair share of nonbelievers along the way, but apparently that reality is just as true for San Holo as it is for any artist. Thankfully, he believed in his vision and made it happen.

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San Holo Talks album1


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