Last week, a purported leak of Ultra’s stage layout was shared across the internet. Now, Ultra has officially shared a sneak peak at the festival stage map which has confirmed the leak to be accurate.

Ultra Music Festival 2019 on Virginia Key will feature seven stages. Four stages — main stage, UMF Radio, Ultra Worldwide, and Live/ASOT — will live on the western side of the island, closest to Rickenbacker Causeway. All of the Resistance stages — yes, allĀ three Resistance stages — will find a home on the southeastern side of the island.

Going off Google maps, the distance from main stage to Resistance Island is approximately a mile (your mileage may vary). Anyone wanting to hop back and forth from Resistance Island to any of the main stages is definitely going to be getting a work out.

Check out the map below.


Photo via RUDGR for Ultra