A hopeful attendee of Defqon 1 recently pled guilty after trying to smuggle 114 capsules of MDMA into the music festival. She wasn’t let past the front gate when drug dogs sniffed her out and authorities found her in possession of drugs — which were stuffed inside of a condom, hidden in her underwear.

It was 20-year-old Tracy Nguyen of Sydney, Australia. As the report goes, she became “erratic” around police and authorities became suspicious of her. After being targeted by drug dogs, she was stripped searched and that’s when authorities found the 114 capsules. She was taken into custody.

“Gurl would you be able to get it off someone else inside,” an incriminating text of Nguyen’s read. “I’m alrdy bringing 12.34g. I’m scared coz its my first time for dq. But ive done a few indoors before. And everyone says dq has 30 dogs and 100 polices.”

The contact in her phone reportedly responded, “There are like 2-3 dogs max. But yes there’s heaps of cops.”

Defqon 1 took place in September 2018. Months later, Nguyen’s guilty plea was heard. Her sentencing is set for March.


H/T: Rave Jungle | Source: Daily Telegraph