A lot of producers claim that their sound is influenced by different cultures, but few can truly incorporate it into their music effectively. Swayló is not one of those artists, at least not as far as his new track “Desert Flower” is concerned.

When I first heard “Desert Flower,” immediately tribal trap came to mind. It’s the combination of the chanting and the wind instrument synths that really clinches it, but the trap beat on top is what makes this something I’d listen to over and over. The final beat that winds the song down gives it a bit of a Zhu vibe, with some Hucci thrown in for the main drop, but it’s frightfully good all the same.

“This is medicinal music that, is designed to be purifying, healing, regenerating; focused on growth, abundance and allowing of space to be soft, it was created to wash the toxins out.” –­ Swayló

Check out “Desert Flower” from Swayló below.