It’s been six years since the last Feed Me album, Calamari Tuesday. In the time since, Jon Gooch has released a number of Feed Me EPs and even a Spor album, but High Street Creeps marks his official sophomore album under the Feed Me name.

A lot has changed, obviously, since 2013 — both in worldly terms and more specifically as Feed Me. With six years and four Feed Me EPs between albums, Gooch’s musical style has evolved and matured even more than it had before.

Compared to Calamari TuesdayHigh Street Creeps is a lot less in-your-face electro house and intense sounds and synths. Instead, it weaves back and forth between more high-energy tracks like “Sleepless” and “Barrel Roll” and other more poppy tracks like “Feel Love” and “Pumpkin Eyes.”

There’s no doubt that a lot of Feed Me fans will feel this album is a far cry from the Feed Me they were introduced to in 2011 with Feed Me’s Big Adventure — and they’re right. It is a lot different. But there has been a natural progression over the past 8 years and it really does make a fair bit of sense stylistically, especially when you take this quote from Feed Me into account.

“With the second album it was written all across the world, across a big expanse of time. Getting the mindset to distill it into something congruous meant a lot of thought,” says FEED ME. “I flew to LA with my whole setup for a while and drove around setting up and working with different vocalists and artists which was the antithesis of how I had always worked; some of it was written there, some in my studio, and some away from the box as it were. I’ve started to love making music or sketching ideas away from a screen and I wanted that reflected in there, too. It spans multiple years and a big change, even building my own studio, and a big learning experience.” 

With 10 tracks and nearly an hour of listen time, you’ll want to set aside a part of your day to really delve into this one and enjoy it to its fullest effect. Listen to Feed Me’s new album High Street Creeps below.