Chances are you’ve probably never heard of David Browning. He’s another artist that draws inspiration from his multi-national upbringing. Born in South Africa and raised in Canada, his new EP Now You See Me is pretty standard pop-electronic fare. What’s different here though, is the enthusiasm in his execution, which harken back to the Owl City days at the beginning of the decade. This can be fun to remember with a sound that’s a throwback yet uniquely reimagined.

I’m also thrilled that in the first song ‘Stay Over’ he’s able to get away with throwing in a Game of Thrones reference (‘a song of ice and fire is sung’). In the midst of the complexity of the lyrics, he still manages to create a song that’s catchy and satisfying.

The other two songs are more minimal and a little more trite than the intensity of the first. However, the piano sections in ‘Call Me When You’re Single’ and ‘Always Inside’ are what to listen for. They set a decent enough groundwork for the synth and strings that sometimes overtake the other elements. This is much more well balanced in ‘Always Inside’ than ‘Call Me When You’re Single,’ with the latter almost seeming like a musical number that could use some backup dancers at times.

All in all, what we have here is a fun foray into the ups and downs of modern relationships. This definitely could be included in a ‘feel good playlist’ or one that reminds you of some comforting nostalgia. ‘Stay Over’ is  definitely the stand out track here.