Yes, Dotcom.

Dotcom, aka Chris Comstock, has been busy with his current main project, Marshmello, since 2015. However, he has been releasing music here and there under his old alias in the meantime, like “Take A Picture” with Kayzo in 2015 and “Python” with Say My Name in 2016.

But, it’s been three years since we’ve gotten new music from Comstock’s original alias, and it seems that’s about to change. He tweeted this morning, succinctly, “new music in 2019.”

Well, there you have it.

With the Marshmello project already geared toward so many styles of production, we have to imagine that Chris will be taking it back to Dotcom for his classic trap sound, but we’ll really have to see.

And on another note, will it be like Virtual Self and Porter Robinson? “There will be no Dotcom music at Marshmello shows; there will be no Marshmello music at Dotcom shows”? Something to consider.