Diplo appears in the new Detective Pikachu movie! His cameo is revealed in the latest official trailer.

Given the DJ/producer is stationed behind the DJ booth in the¬†split-second clip, he’s already in character for the role. He appears doing what he does best — setting the scene for the party. The extent of Diplo’s part is unclear at this point, but it’s certainly a cameo worth noting.

It’s a particularly interesting exchange considering Pikachu made a cameo in Jack √ú‘s music video “Where Are¬†√ú Now” featuring Justin Bieber¬†in 2015. You would have easily missed it if you blinked.

Pok√©mon’s Detective Pikachu¬†hits theaters on¬†May 10, 2019.¬†With Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, this film already has some major star power behind it.

Shoutout to Redditor EscobarCocoPuff for spotting Diplo. He comes in at the 1:16 mark. Check it out!

Detective Pikachu –¬†Official Trailer 2


Photo via Rukes.com