TroyBoi dropped a new ID with Skrillex on an unexpecting crowd over the weekend… and here it is!

The bulk of the production — or at least what we can hear of it — sounds unmistakably like TroyBoi. However, there’s just enough Skrillex flair in there to keep it fresh. The low, wonky beat can be attributed to TroyBoi and the higher vocal chops are most definitely the work of Skrillex. Together, they find a nice mix.

To the fans wondering if this is indeed a collaboration with Skrilly, the tag around 5 – 6 seconds in is a dead giveaway. With fans yearning for new material from the producer, this is more than enough to perk up those ears. We could be hearing the early workings of a future official release.

Listen below and pray to the bass gods that this track sees the light of day soon!

TroyBoi x Skrillex – ID

TroyBoi x Skrillex ID from trap


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