Original Photo by BRXVN

Over the past year, many artists from multiple genres of music have started to bring attention to mental health issues in the music industry. The tragic passings of Avicii and Mac Miller last year, helped shine a light on just how much of a toll the stresses and rigors of celebrity and touring can take on one’s mental health. One of the more prominent artists to recently take a break for mental health purposes was producer/DJ Carnage. Back in November, the man who many know as Papi Gordo, decided he needed to focus on himself, Diamante Blackmon.

The head of the ASOC crew made his triumphant return to the stage at Exchange LA last weekend and his fans came out in full force to support. Carnage returned in the most Papi Gordo way possible, teaming up with legendary Los Angeles eatery, Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, to offer a free plate to every ticket holder. It was a total house party vibe as fans were chowing on down on the delicious chicken and waffles while listening to tunes at the bottom level of the club. One fan remarked that the food was worth the price of entry, and another fan brought in (and offered me) some hot sauce. Needless to say, the crowd was in high spirits.

Original Photo by BRXVN

After an opening set by SLUDGE, Carnage dropped a heavy set, with a lot of hardstyle, hardcore, dubstep, and even some drum & bass. It was clear, Papi Gordo was feeling himself as he rained fire on the crowd. However, he went in a totally different direction for the final half hour of his set as he turned the rave into a late 90’s/early 2000’s rap and hip-hop party. It was here that Carnage started addressing the crowd more, and it’s clear he was feeling stupendous. He also took the opportunity to bring out some guests during this part of his set, and while he has critics as a dance music producer, lest we forget that Carnage is also an outstanding hip-hop producer. He’s worked with heavy hitters in that genre from Migos, Lil’ Pump, Young Thug, and of course his late friend, Mac Miller.

Carnage brought out some friends including young rapper O’Jeezy, but the absolute moment of the night is when none other than G-Eazy came down the stairs and treated the Exchange crowd to a live rendition of his smash hit “No Limit.”

Carnage has definitely faced criticism in the past, but this man certainly inspired a lot of good vibes this Friday night in Los Angeles. As part of his comeback, he’s just released his most unexpected song yet, “Letting People Go” featuring Prinze George, and moody and hypnotic indie-dance track. For every save the track receives on Spotify / Apple Music, Carnage will donate $1 to the RAICES Foundation, a nonprofit agency that provides free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees based in Texas. Carnage himself, was brought to the US from Guatemala by his parents at a very young age, so this is definitely a personal cause, and it’s always great to see an artist use their platform to promote some good.

Listen to “Letting People Go” below and expect a ton of new music from Carnage in the coming months.