The LED mau5head is back.

Deadmau5 is pulling out all the stops for the world debut of his Cube 3.0 at Ultra Music Festival in 11 days, on Saturday, March 30. In addition to bringing the new stage set up, he’s also reviving an old favorite.

The LED mau5head was debuted along with the first cube at Coachella in 2010. Seeing it live at the time was an absolutely mind-melting experience, especially going into it not knowing what to expect. Now, nine years later, we expect the technology on the mau5head to be improved and looking better than ever.

Take a look below to see the glorious set piece in action, soundtracked to deadmau5’s song with Scene Of Action, “Hurricane,” fromĀ Mau5ville Level 2. Go here to see the Cube 3.0 behind the scenes.

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LED mau5head is back.

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