It was only last week that Flume revealed his Hi This Is Flume mixtape to the world, and he’s already back today with new music. Revealed first on triplej is “Friends” with Reo Cragun.

“Friends” is at odds with all of the tracks on the mixtape last week, presenting a more pop-leaning influence. In an AMA on /r/Flume earlier today, he revealed he would be making music from “both ends of the spectrum” — best of all, it still sounds absolutely amazing and just like Flume.

During Flume’s interview on triplej, he was reticent to mention if another full album was coming out this year, but mentioned that he’d be putting out music more steadily in 2019. He took time off as he’d been touring and putting out music and it was making him tired.

“I was working so hard and started to hate music/touring. 6yrs of putting work before my happiness,” he revealed on reddit. “I needed to live a normal life for a bit.”

Listen to “Friends” below.