UPDATE 7:03 PM PDT | Getter has officially cancelled the remainder of his tour.

Getter’s Visceral album is a work of art, plain and simple. It’s his soul reflected in music, albeit a tired and troubled one. And while we’d love to say that his fans have been able to sympathize with his new sound, there’s a drastic disconnect between those listening to his album at home and those going out to see him perform live.

There’s been a few times on his Visceral Tour that Getter has made public statements about a crowd’s reaction to his music. Very early on in the tour, he made a post about accepting criticism and changing things up a bit — this post was made in what seemed like a positive tone, in the sense that he wanted to bring the best show possible to his fans. But later, he was booed during a performance in Houston, which definitely didn’t receive the same reaction.

Then, this past weekend at Ultra, some issue with the sound resulted in Getter giving fans a performance that wasn’t his 100% best and he felt crushed because of it.

Now, it breaks my heart to see Getter posting so defeated on Twitter: “this is my last tour, over it.”

No one can can blame Getter for feeling this way; the reaction from a select group of fans to his new tour has been anything but positive, and it has to be hard on him to constantly go up against fans who still think he’s the same artist he was when he first started.

We’ve yet to see if Getter will follow through with this tweet, or if the words of encouragement from fans will bring him back. But we certainly hope for the latter.