DJ Craze is speaking up, urging DJs to utilize the sync button during their sets. Certainly, there’s a stigma attached to the use of the sync button — many DJs refuse to touch it. But, this is coming from a three time DMC World champion here.

Craze speaks out in a recent tweet:

“I STILL don’t understand why djs don’t use sync  … it’s 2019!!!! …. I’m talking about my boys too so no shade …. again … it’s 2019!!!! Please …. Sync is your friend … embrace him”

He adds:

“Gives you freedom to do more creative stuff …. or i just read the bpms … or read the wavs …. i just don’t get the headphones and moving the pitch thing … and of course I’m an older Dj so I did all of that just seems like an obstacle now …. embrace technology.”

DJs including Anna Lunoe, Wuki, JOYRYDE and more have chimed in, sharing whether they opt for sync or not in certain situations. The consensus is — if you want to use it, use it. If any “butthurt” DJ throws shade about it, Jauz will throw that person into the ocean.

DJs Talk Sync