If you’re heading out to Coachella next weekend or the following, you need to plan accordingly. It’s hot and dusty during the day, with cool, long nights. So, it’s important to pack the essentials to make sure nothing distracts you from having a great time.

Coachella is all about fashion, tech, culture, art, friendship, and above all, amazing music. Don’t put the weekend at risk by leaving your sunscreen at home or forgetting to pack a charger. Take it from these veterans, who know exactly what to bring to make for a memorable and ‘grammable weekend, via Rolling Stone.

Diplo packs:
-Dosist pens
-sunscreen (Barbara Sturm Sun Drops)
-wallet (his is a Coach NASA)
-Colgate Wisps
-DJ stuff: SD cards, headphones, etc.

Tyler Hilton packs:
-spare phone battery
-biggest hat you don’t feel stupid wearing
-vape pen

Jain packs:
-refillable water bottle

SG Lewis packs:
-mask or bandana
-fanny pack
-solid perfume (Diptyque)

Greyson Chance packs:
-sunglasses with thick lenses
-reliable denim
-glow sticks

Alex Costa packs:
-light jacket
-portable charger

Coachella goes down over the next two weekends, April 12-14 and 19-21. Now that you know exactly what to pack, here are 15 EDM acts to look out for.


Source: Rolling Stone