Your EDM debuted synth pop and future bass artist  Krigarè, last year with her self-titled album and gorgeous single “Silhouette.” Since then she has continued to experiment with unlikely combinations of ambient dubstep, future bass and electro pop and has been featured on multiple TV shows like Teen Mom OG, and the Netflix series Elite. She’s also charted internationally and hit 1.5 million streams on Spotify.

Krigarè’s interesting, experimental style and pitch perfect vocal ability works with a number of genre and fans and press alike are eagerly awaiting her next original release. In the meantime, she’s having a bit of fun with her latest single and video, a cover of A-Ha’s new wave classic, “Take On Me.”

While the video is done up in true 80s style with colorful makeup and flashing lights, the song itself is an interesting update. Since Krigarè is normally quite synth-focused and the original “Take On Me” is a synth pop song, one might think she’d simply play around with the synths or add a more EDM/bass music touch to it, but in fact she does the opposite. It’s a sort of deconstructed take on “Take On Me,” almost completely bereft of synths in the melody and with analog guitar and drums making up a large part of the backing track.

With all the pop and rock in this cover, there is still a healthy dose of EDM flavor, mostly in the beat structure where pop-infused future bass often lives: it’s subtle but it’s there. The synths sort of power the drums, which are run through the same engineering and sound design as the ambient music, bringing the whole track together in a way that doesn’t put any one genre forward. In short: Krigarè’s cover of the timeless classic is just as classic as the classic itself.

Krigarè’s cover of “Take On Me” is out now and can be streamed on Spotify or Soundcloud.