If there’s one thing Canadian rapper and songwriter Erich Mrak will never be accused of is faking anything. The young artist, who’s been working on his EP and slowly releasing singles from it, as been on the radar of press and critics for a few years because of his emotionally honest lyrics and his uniquely electronic-infused tracks. Mrak certainly does it his own way and in his newest single and likely last before the EP is released, he explains why he’ll never “Fake It,” despite the track’s chorus.

In one of Mrak’s more EDM-tinged tracks to-date, the intro to “Fake It” has a cut up 80s synth vibe that turns into an equally funky 80s hip hop beat. He starts with the brutally honest chorus of the song: “I’m here today, tomorrow I might not make it; so when I wake, tomorrow I’m gonna fake it.” Said chorus hits the listener with a stark reality of human existence which is the core of the song.

Some may find the song’s chorus a nod to the struggle of depression and it may be just that but it’s also once again a unique perspective on life that only Mrak seems to have. When really recognizing the permanence of existence, knowing that any of us could simply stop living at any time, waking up and putting a smile on one’s face, whether we recognize it or not, is the only choice any of us truly has. While the rest of the lyrics to “Fake It” are more personal to Mrak, the chorus is universal and existential: with the futility of existence all around us, pretending a bit and continuing to try to find happiness is really all we have. Mind: blown from a hip hop/EDM crossover song? It’s fast becoming Mrak’s fascinating M.O.

Paired with a beautiful vocal melody and a simple but impeccably designed ambient structure, “Fake It” reinforces what those lucky enough to find Erich Mrak’s work already know: this extremely smart and sensitive artist has something truly special to offer the music world, no matter what genre he chooses.

Your EDM and the rest of the indie and EDM music world are nearly salivating over the impending drop of Erich Mrak’s upcoming EP. In the meantime, Click here to stream or purchase “Fake It” and the rest of the tracks he’s released thus far.