Kelsey Lu dropped the Skrillex-produced “Due West” last November, and now the OWSLA don is back with his own remix of the track.

When “Due West” dropped last year, it was a soft and slow tune that didn’t scream influence from Skrillex. And perhaps that was part of its beauty; Lu’s voice was absolutely the star of the track, as it should have been. But now, Skrillex has come out of his shell to put his own clear spin on the tune.

What we get is closer to Skrillex’s new style than his old. It’s still a pretty slow and sensual tune, but he adds a good amount of funk and bounce to the production. Ultimately, it’s still not the Skrillex that a lot of people are craving, but there’s no denying this is a stellar track and awesome to listen to.

Check out Skrillex’s remix of “Due West” from Kelsey Lu below!


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