Two days ago, Matthew Koma let loose a scathing social media post accusing Zedd of a multitude of professional improprieties as well as a “toxic” and “self serving” personality. The post went viral with many people quickly jumping to his side of the story, with fewer people waiting for more information.

Now, Zedd has finally responded to Koma, tangentially addressing the various accusations lobbied against him while still maintaining a relatively neutral position.

“Matt, I am sorry you feel this way. I don’t feel the same, nor do I agree with your description of our history together,” Zedd says. “I supported you in every single area I had control over as I do with any and all of my collaborators.”

He continued, “I will forever be grateful to you and your contributions to my career. I continue to wish you all the best.”

Whether this presents the end of this saga is up for debate, the ball is now in Koma’s court. As for Zedd, he’s managed to distance himself as much as safely possible from the accusations. Moving forward, he’ll likely think twice about omitting credit to someone from his team, as a precaution if nothing else.