UPDATE 6/23 | As we’ve been made aware, the GØAT upload has no official affiliation with Flume. You can read a full explanation of the situation here, including a not so gentle, well-deserved rap against yours truly.

Flume seemingly just unleashed a mysterious new four-legged side project under the name GØAT — and five new tracks to go with it.

While the promo is minimal, cryptic, and rather furry, we have reason to believe Flume is very much involved with the project. It all started with an Instagram post dated May 5, 2019 that shouts out his goats via his official account — @totesmgoats1@cutegoatguyyy, and @hayfanatic69.

Whether Flume or his goats are working alone or not has yet to be determined. But, it’s best not to dwell on the details and simply enjoy the music. The productions are experimental and unpredictable, but that Flume flair shines throughout.

Especially on one particular track, “SHIFTING,” that throws it back to 2012 Flume era vibes. We’re about it.

Listen to the ambient, bass filled journey that is GØAT right here — and don’t forget who the real GOAT is!



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