Diplo admits criticizing Taylor Swift‘s booty was a real dick move. Though most of us have moved on, his comments about the pop singer haven’t really gone away. However, it does seem Diplo has an entirely different outlook about being the class clown on social media.

The drama all started when he tweeted out the following:

What he described as the “worst decision” of his career only escalated when he went on to categorize her music as “unrelatable” and told Swifties to “calm down.” Years later, Diplo addresses that Rolling Stone interview in a new interview with ES Magazine.

“I’m a weird, humorous person but my sense of humor wasn’t taken well,” Diplo explains.

“Then I thought, Do I want to be known as the a**hole? I wasn’t an a**hole, in my opinion, but I did use social media like it was a joke. Then it became very real. What’s funny now is that I don’t even know my Twitter login. Someone else just Twitters for me.”

In the new ES Magazine feature, Diplo also opens up about working with Justin Bieber — something he was told would be a career-ender. Plus, he gets real about mental health in the music industry. Read more here.


Source: ET Canada